Take a swim

Jump into the sea,

make strides toward me,

I will be your sunset,

beautiful and epic,

Around my light you can float,

I will guide your way,

swim to me my love,

In me you are free.

© 2017 Stephanie Alaine Brown- Sabpoet- All Rights Reserved




The love you give should be open and free,

Your depths should be open to explore,

You are my nature, in you I want to walk, smell and feel,

The beauty you possess is breath-taking to observe,

I want to be openly lost in you.


copyright (c) 2017 Stephanie Brown- Sabpoetry- All rights reserved


Be true to yourself

Sab poetry is all about real feelings, real life situations that we all face in love and while trying to find love. I want to speak about my world my experiences but I’m uneasy when my words are on paper but I must write. It’s something I love to do, I must express my true self and my true feelings. They may sound corny and silly maybe I am corny and silly. I just want to share my feelings and views with the world. I want love and I want to understand what love is all about.

Bottled HeartsUntitled design

Do you know it’s not easy? I’m finding that it is hard to love someone who has aged like wine in a bottle. Someone who has grown self-preserved. Is it my love or the love of someone else? I am trying to figure it out. Maybe I am in a bottle too, self-reserved for love- Is it his love or the love of someone else? he is trying to figure it out maybe, maybe not. Does he see me as for now or forever? I don’t know. It scares me to be unable to figure it out. He said that he wanted me to be in his life, in his presence, so here I am vulnerable and weak, open and ready to give and be love but is he ready for me?

These are thoughts I am sure has crossed your mind at some point in while dating and in your love life. Your somehow confused about the intentions of the person your dating. Simply because their actions don’t match their words, too many excuses. So your caught in the thoughts has this person been hurt to the point where they’re unable to love even though they say love is what they want or are they just passing time with you to move on to the next but using broken as an excuse for their actions.

I do believe that we have to be a manifestation of the person we truly are. We have to first manifest the life and love that we need, then we will attract the person who will compliment us.

By Stephanie Alaine Brown

First blog post


Smiles are mean to show the warmth of your heart,when you smile it means that you’re happy. But often times our smile goes deeper than that, sometimes we smile to hide our fears, tears and broken dreams. This blog was created for you to experience the power of endurance through poetry. To show you that it doesn’t matter if your smile is happy or sad, you are still deserving of abundance in life,love and your dreams. I want you to embrace the real you and don’t let the world tell you who you’re supposed to be.

by Stephanie Alaine Brown