Be creative in your thinking today, breathe in positive thoughts. Send positive energies to the universe so you can create the life that is fulfilling to your soul.

Dive deep within as you prepare your mind to travel to realms.

Be an agent of change

Be a motivator

It is all about creating and building a peaceful life from within.


All rights reserved Stephanie Alaine Brown 2019 @sabpoet

In the mood

To be a rebel

To be a warrior fighting for a cause

Voicing my opinions on the ways we use our mouths to kill others and ourselves

Shining light on the evil that lies on the lips of men

Our people have seen and heard but they do not understand

The trickery and mockery played on their salvation

It is time to speak up with actions

Let the revolution begin

I am in the mood to be a rebel

Let the revelation begin


Stephanie Alaine Brown @sabpoet 2020 All rights reserved




You read my emotions wrong

I was only guarding myself

Maybe from you or the world

You see I have been treated badly

Written off by people who don’t understand ,


But life came and you misunderstood me the same

Never gave me a chance to pour my love all over you

Seems it was a game and I was the loser

I just do not understand how I didn’t realize you were a judge


I was the accused being sentenced

For a misdemeanor

In attempting to steal your heart

Now I’m serving time for a crime I did not get to fully commit

You despise me with a passion

The same passion I wanted to love you with

They say life is unfair

True love is hard to find

It must be true cause I’m a felon

A fugitive running in the prison of your mind

Stephanie Alaine Brown @sabpoet 2020


Embedded in our DNA are codes of the kings and queens before us. It is for us to tap into who we are truly called to be. So that we can connect with our divine energy.

The greatest rulers were coated in melanin, gods and goddesses.

Tap into your divine and let it lead the path you take on this earthly journey.

All rights reserved Stephanie Alaine Brown @sabpoet 2019


Take a few steps,let the grass and dirt get between your toes and on your feet.

Feel the energy as you connect with nature remember we are apart of each other. The earth revolves and so do you.

Stretch your arms out, let the vibration of the wind run through your veins.

The burning rays from the sun will illuminate your skin. Feel as it connects with the fire in your soul.

Connect with the elements today.

Love and light 💕

All rights reserved Stephanie Alaine Brown @sabpoet

Stay true

Take comfort in the fact that no-one has a heart like yours. You are truly unique and valuable. The love and dedication you give to yourself and others is because of who you are.

Peace is your safe zone,

your heart is your compass,

your soul is your sailor.

Stay true to who you are, do not let the world change you.


All rights reserved Stephanie Alaine Brown 2019 @sabpoet





The thoughts you have should be motivating to you. The choice is yours to vibrate higher surpassing all negative energies in your path. “You are valued, worthy and deserving of all the goodness this life has to offer”.

Your soul was placed on this quest for a reason, your purpose is great. Realize that greatness lies within and reach for it. You are in control of your life with the help of the creator of course.

Take each day with gratitude and remember to give kindness to yourself firstly.

All rights reserved Stephanie Alaine Brown @sabpoet


Life’s Choices

I am grateful that we have the free will to make a choice. We can choose to be the best that we can and even when we choose wrong we can choose again and do what is right.

Free will was given to us by the creator. Make wise choices and if you make a mistake learn from it and choose again.

Nothing is permanent the choice is always yours to make.

All rights reserved Stephanie Alaine Brown @sabpoet